Tips For Finding Care For An Aging Family Member

Although it can be expensive to hire somebody to care for an aging or ailing family member at home, at least the fees charged have been relatively stable for years.

85 years
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For the most part, it costs, on average, $19 per hour for a hired homemaker and slightly more for a home health aide.

These prices have remained steady for at least five years. They may go up a bit in the future as demand increases due to more aging baby boomers needing help, but not much, says an article in the New York Times.

But how do you decide what kind of caregiver your loved one needs?

First, you should assess the person’s needs by determining his or her ability to handle the daily activities of living such as dressing, eating and bathing, the article says. You can also find a professional to make this determination if you don’t think you can do it. They can be found through local agencies on aging.

And what is the best way to find a home caregiver?

You can use a home care agency which will handle paying the caregiver. You pay the agency. Or you can find someone on your own. That may be a little cheaper. But you  will have to deal with payroll and possibly taxes. If you want to go this route, word of mouth is a good place to start.

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