Tips To Keep The Elderly From Falling

One of the biggest challenges to the elderly is falling. Such falls are frequent and can lead to serious injuries, even deaths.

But it isn’t enough just to tell older folks to be more careful.

Those at high risk of falling should take steps to protect themselves.

The better shape they are in, the less the chance that a fall will hurt them badly, says a story in the New York Times.

Regular exercise classes can help, especially those that include balance drills.

The practice of tai chi can also be helpful. This involves slow, purposeful movements in conjunction with breathing and muscle activity. It can help with balance and gait.

Sometimes, balance drills can be incorporated into daily life. For example, one can stand on one foot while brushing one’s teeth.

Some studies have shown that Vitamin D can help with muscle strength and balance.

Because many drugs can make people dizzy, the story urges patients to discuss with their doctors whether they can reduce their doses of certain medications.

And homes can be made a little more fall-proof by getting rid of scatter rugs and making sure clutter is reduced.

Of course, vision is a factor. Make sure eyeglass prescriptions are up to date, with vision tests done every year, the story says.

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