Tips to avoid probate

Probate conceptWhen you die, your assets go through a process that covers settlement and distribution in accordance with your will. This is called the probate litigation process and is managed by the courts.

But probate is time-consuming and costly. It can take up to three years. And it is public.

You can avoid probate, however. A story on lists the following steps to take:

  • Draft a revocable living trust. It lets you transfer property to your family members without probate.
  • Convert IRAs and personal accounts to pay-on-death. Just fill out a form choosing a beneficiary.
  • Establish joint ownership. Jointly owned property automatically passes to the surviving owner.
  • Give away property. You can escape estate taxes on money or property that is gifted before you die.
  • Use small estate laws to your advantage. Many states have simplified their procedures for certain types of properties.

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