Transferring A Residence To A Living Trust

The decision to transfer the title of a home to a living trust is not a decision that should be made lightly. An individual should speak with their estate planning attorney before deciding to make such a transfer, as many potential consequences may be unforeseeable by a lay person. If you decide that you would like to transfer your residence to a living trust, a recent article discusses what you will need to do.

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Presuming that your residence is located in California, you will need to prepare and sign a Trust Transfer Deed for California. This is a downloadable form, available online. The process will also require that you have the current deed for the property that you would like to transfer. If you cannot locate the original deed, you may obtain a copy from the Sacramento County Recorder.

You will need to indicate on the Trust Transfer Deed that the residence is being transferred from the current titleholder(s) to the trustee or co-trustee of the living trust. It is important that the Trust Transfer Deed indicates that the residence is transferred to the trustee or co-trustee of the trust, rather than the trust itself.

In order to transfer a residence to a living trust, speak with an estate planning attorney.


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