What Are the Risks of A DIY Will?

You might think that having some plan for your estate is certainly better than nothing, but you may not realize the potential mistakes or challenges that can emerge with a DIY will.

In the past several years, a number of different websites and downloadable forms have been used by people who wind up not being able to transfer their assets as they intended. A last will is a crucial part of your overall estate plan. Some of the most common issues with DIY last wills and testaments include:

• You may face issues if you own a second business or home.
• If you have children who are not yet legal adults or a blended family, you may miss out on important language or stipulations that comply with state laws.
• A DIY will may not dispose of your complete estate.
• A downloaded will may not comply with state legal requirements for creating a valid will.
• Most DIY wills are not reviewed by a licensed attorney exposing you to risks you may not even realize until you have passed away and your loved ones are dealing with this situation.

Communicating with an experienced attorney now positions you to discuss all of your primary options and needs around the estate planning process. You’ll feel more confident about moving forward and know that your wishes have been clearly articulated in the written form.

Let our Pasadena area estate planning law firm answer your questions on the process and help you figure out the best way to proceed with your own estate plan. We can help you choose the best documents and strategies to protect yourself now and your loved ones in the future. Get the peace of mind that comes with a comprehensive estate plan.

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