What Are Your Options for Creating a Will in California?

You can go the DIY route when creating a will, but there are many different reasons why this is not recommended. The do-it-yourself version of creating a will in California is to locate the California statutory forms online and to complete them on your own. Remember that you will need to have witnesses for this process, even if you use a form you find online.

Another option to pursue when creating your California will is making a handwritten or holographic will. Of course, this one is the most easily accessible to most people, but it often ends up being unclear or incomplete and it’s unlikely that you want either of those things in your estate plan. You can also use online platforms to help you to create a will. However, there are still opportunities for pitfalls and mistakes.

You can think of using an online form solution as similar to trying to do your taxes yourself rather than hiring an accountant. The final remaining option for this process is to use an attorney.

This is one of the easiest ways to cover all of your basis. If you don’t have a will in place in California, the state will be responsible for distributing your assets when you pass away.

One of the biggest challenges with this is that you won’t have your individual plan considered by the state and it can take a lot longer, making it harder for your family members to adjust to an already difficult situation. Schedule a consultation today with a Pasadena estate planning lawyer to walk through your options.

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