What Californians Should Know About the Upcoming Medi-Cal Eligibility Threshold Change

Do you have a plan for covering payments if you needed a nursing home? Without personal savings or long term care insurance in place, you could be exposed to difficult questions during a time when your focus should sit mostly with the related health issues. This is why you need to think about qualifying for Medi-Cal and how to do so if and when the time comes.

It is important to understand what is required to get Med-Cal in the state of California if you intend to use this for services for long term care. A law has recently been enacted in California to bring the eligibility threshold for Medi-Cal from $2000 to $130,000 in total assets starting on July 1st. The plan is also to completely eliminate this threshold by 2023. This complicates the challenges that you may face as you begin to need care. There are many different reasons why you might need additional long term care support, whether it’s needing help with your meals or getting dressed.

Once you have difficulty completing these activities of daily living, a physician may recommend that you enter a long-term care facility. Most people are under the impression that Medicare will pay for their long-term care expenses. But the truth is that Medicare’s coverage is relatively basic when compared with the possible total costs of long-term care. This makes it important to retain the services of an experienced California elder lawyer to assist with Medi-Cal qualification plans and to decide when you want to start working towards a comprehensive plan to get Medi-Cal in the future.

This planning process is important in the event that you or your spouse needs it. If an issue happens, your focus will be around getting the care needed.

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