What Can a Health Care POA Agent Decide?

Do you have a plan for who will be able to decide medical choices for you if you are unable to speak for yourself? If not, you need a power of attorney agent for healthcare.

The powers of an attorney in fact agent can be narrow or broad depending on the specific execution of the POA document. There are many different kinds of decisions that an agent can make under each new power of attorney document. For example, a health care agent can determine:

  • What the principal eats.
  • Who is responsible for bathing the principal person who created the document?
  • Where the principal lives, including decisions around assisted living, memory care, nursing homes and long term care.
  • Which care providers and doctors the principal person uses.
  • The kinds of medical care that the principal can receive.

Given the fact that a power of attorney agent has so many different potential powers within your individual estate plan, it is imperative to select a person who you trust to serve in this role and one who can help you with each aspect of executing the various powers of an attorney in fact.

Schedule a consultation with a knowledgeable estate planning attorney to learn more about this and to decide what you need to do next to protect yourself when executing a power of attorney document that is legally valid within your estate. Our Pasadena estate planning law firm has extensive experience in determining how to draft this document and ensure that the appointed party is a good choice for your needs.

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