What Does It Mean To Properly Store Estate Planning Documents?

You might be the only person in your family who knows where to find your documents if you pass away. That’s a problem if your family needs to find these materials for the purposes of planning a funeral, memorial, or the opening of probate. For important instructions, these should be safely and securely stored so the right people can find them when the time comes.

After you pass away, your loved ones may be overcome with grief and other emotions. It can be hard for them to sort through the various details or to know where you have located your most important documents. This is why it is important that you think carefully about storing these original estate planning documents and any other legal details together.

A secure, logical and safe location should house things, such as your will, trust documents, life insurance policies, deeds and brokerage account statements. Some people choose to keep theirs in a safe deposit box at the bank, but bear in mind that without knowing where the key is located, your loved ones may be unable to use that to locate those documents.

Do not store your documents in a basement that could flood, in a banker’s box in the garage, or in your car. Furthermore, once you have stored these documents safely, it is important to make sure that you tell someone where they can be found if and when necessary. This could be a spouse or another person who has been appointed in an important role in your estate planning process, such as your executor or personal representative.

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