What is a Needs Assessment and Why Is it Important?

Are you an adult child caring for a loved one or are you curious about putting a spouse or other family member in assisted living or a nursing home? These decisions are notoriously difficult and are compounded by the language and jargon associated with these kinds of transitions.

When seeking out the right residential location for your loved one, make sure you do your research on the facility and what they do once a resident has moved in, but also before the resident becomes a formal member of the community. One such example of a pre-moving tasks is known as a needs assessment, and the medical professionals on the team should conduct this early on to have a clear picture of the kinds of support your loved one needs as it relates to activities of daily living.

While your loved one might have had some medical treatment prior to this point, medical records from a doctor on their own should not be the only information evaluated with regards to a person’s condition at the time of move-in.

The reason this is so important for your family member is because this is where the connection between what is needed and what can be provided by the facility is made. Furthermore, this gives a much better picture of the costs involved in caring for your loved one within the chosen California facility.

Particularly if your family member has advanced needs due to dementia or another condition, finding the right facility is extremely important. A needs assessment for long term care should be used to rank a person’s communication abilities, dietary needs, chronic illnesses, and behaviors.

Do you have more questions about what to know when exploring options for a loved one and the legal implications? Our Pasadena estate planning lawyers can help you review existing estate documents and determine the important roles played by each person as your family member makes the transition into assisted living or a nursing home.

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