What Key Decisions Affect Your Elder Law Planning in California?

Whether you are thinking about caring for your own aging parents, contemplating your choices for long term care or facing retirement, experienced elder law attorneys in Pasadena can help you to review these issues and align them with a comprehensive plan to ensure that your preferences and wishes are honored in the future.

There are several different decisions you must make as it relates to elder law in order to give yourself peace of mind and confidence that you have planned ahead for the future. These decisions can include:

  • How to protect your family’s inheritance and any assets you have should you need some form of long term care such as a stay at a nursing home?
  • The type of care that you would prefer to receive in the event of a medical crisis in which you are no longer able to care for yourself, such as home health care or nursing home care.
  • Who will be responsible for managing your financial and health care decisions in the event that you become incapacitated or disabled and are no longer able to exercise these decisions for yourself?
  • How you will pay for any long term care services needed, including any public benefits that could be available to you should you engage in proper planning?

Since most people in California will require some form of long term care in the future, whether it’s in-home assistance or long term nursing home stays, it can be catastrophic to assume that your private health insurance plan or Medicare will cover these costs.

It is very important to plan ahead for the purposes of applying for Medicare and a consultation with a right Pasadena estate planning lawyer can make a big difference.





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