What Problems with An Agent Should Prompt You to Update Your POA?

Your best efforts to select a responsible and trusted power of attorney agent might not always work out. In those cases, you need to know when it’s time to adjust your plans.

Your power of attorney document gives authority to another person known as your agent to make decisions and to take actions on your behalf. How do you know when you should change your power of attorney agent?

Life changes may prompt you to evaluate the need for a power of attorney document at all, but you may also encounter problems with your power of attorney agent that should prompt you to revisit the office of your estate planning attorney to shift this person’s role.

One example is when your appointed agent is incapable of handling their responsibility or has recently passed away and is therefore no longer able to serve. A second situation would involve a power of attorney agent who is under investigation or who is going to jail. A third situation is a broad catchall for no longer having trust in your agent’s abilities to handle your medical decisions or financial affairs.

Finally, if you have had a falling out with the agent directly and no longer feel that you want them to serve in this important trusted role of fiduciary, you should discuss these concerns with your estate planning lawyer so that you can revoke the previous power of attorney and create a new document directly, appointing another person in this position.

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