What Role Does a Revocable Living Trust Lawyer Play?

A revocable living trust attorney plays a critical role in helping you to develop a multifaceted and comprehensive estate plan. If you believe that setting up a revocable living trust is an important way to pass on your assets, you’ll need to discuss this with a Pasadena area estate planning attorney. 

Your revocable living trust attorney in California will assist you with the entire process of setting up the trust, but they can also discuss important components with you such as clarifying trustee liabilities and duties or ensuring that you or your chosen trustee are clear about all of the responsibilities involved. Furthermore, a revocable living trust attorney in California can help you transfer the assets into the trust, which is a crucial, but sometimes overlooked part of the process. This is known as funding the trust and is vital to ensure that the trust is the owner of the assets so they can be used as intended.

Your revocable living trust attorney does not have to provide you with advice on this specific estate planning strategy alone. In fact, the right lawyer will be able to help you think about your individual, family, or business estate plan across the board, including things such as healthcare directives, powers of attorney, or even business succession planning strategies. Set up a time to meet with our Pasadena area estate planning lawyers to learn more.

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