What Role Does Family History Play in Setting Up an Estate Plan?

Family history is extremely important in considering what you hope to accomplish with estate planning. It can be very overwhelming for your family members to think about all the different aspects of your personal estate plan. Furthermore, it can lead to potential conflict and disputes down the road among those family members, if and when they have to step into the role of executor of your estate, or are arguing about what to do with your assets.

Thankfully, you can take proactive steps with the help of an experienced and dedicated lawyer. An estate planning lawyer can help to answer your questions and ensure that you have considered what is most important to you. Most children and grandchildren will remain interested in the origin of the family, as well as legacy planning and careers. The origin of any inheritance you intend to pass on can also be important.

This is because stories about sacrifice, hard work, and more can be very appealing to future generations and can help to cement your personal legacy. Starting with a few simple questions during a family meeting can make it easier for your children and grandchildren to understand the goals that you have set with your estate planning and what you hope to accomplish. This important sharing time can help to pass down these values to future generations as well. Make sure to set aside time to talk about your estate planning intentions and goals as this can make a big difference in a smooth transition to future generations.

Our Pasadena estate planning lawyers are here to guide you through the process of setting up your plan.

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