What To Look for In an Attorney Who Drafts Trusts

Depending on what you want to achieve, a trust can be a very powerful estate planning instrument. You get all the benefits of a trust when you choose to use one in your estate, so long as the form selected is right for your needs and you follow through with funding it. For example, maybe you’re initially interested in creating a trust so you can exercise control over the distribution of your property. When you create one, though, you also get the benefit of shielding the details of your assets transfer from the public record, unlike a will.

The creation of a trust can accomplish incredible goals with estate planning when done properly, but it’s very important who you choose to work with on your estate planning strategy, including the development of a trust. When choosing an attorney, look for someone who has relevant experience in this field and crafts customized trusts rather than using boilerplate documents at discounted rates. Your lawyer should:

  • Be experienced in creating different kinds of trusts
  • Be willing to speak with you about your individual goals first
  • Help you understand all that the trust accomplishes

By working with knowledgeable professionals who can help align your individual estate planning goals with your personal trust development and will assist as you think through key issues like who you’ll name as a trustee, you’ll feel much more confident that your trust will perform as expected. Your attorney can walk you through how to select someone to serve in the role of trustee.

A trustee plays a crucial role in carrying out the administration of your trust, and this should be a person who has the ability, willingness, and interest to serve in this role. With so many factors involved in the development and execution of a trust, you need to know that you’ve chosen the right partner to help you. Contact Pasadena estate planning lawyers now for more information about your first trust.


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