When is a Medicaid Issue a Medicaid Crisis?

Advanced planning can help you avoid many of the potential downfalls with a Medicaid problem, but you can still benefit from meeting with a Pasadena elder law attorney when you need urgent help with Medicaid.

A Medicaid crisis strategy applies when a single person needs to enter a nursing home for the purposes of receiving long term care and has assets that are much more valuable than what the state would currently allow for Medicaid qualification.

The purpose of a Medicaid crisis plan is to work towards a financial strategy that helps the applicant acquire Medicaid benefits as soon as possible. Crisis planning is done as a result of a sudden disability, catastrophic event, or illness that critically affects the well-being of the Medicaid applicant.

If this situation leads to the loved one suffering from serious medical issues that can only be managed inside a nursing home, it is likely that the person will need support from California’s Medicaid program known as Medi-Cal.

At the crisis stage, an elder law attorney looks at your overall situation and helps you to create a plan that protects as many of your assets as possible so that you can minimize the amount you need to pay to receive care. This process is different from advanced planning or long term care planning, which is often done years in advance of an urgent issue.

Don’t assume that because there’s no Medicaid plan in place that you don’t have any options if you develop the sudden need for long term care support. It’s better to sit down with Pasadena estate planning attorneys to review all possible strategies before deciding your next step.


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