When Tradition Just Doesn’t Work for Estate Planning Purposes

You may be familiar with estate planning because a loved one failed to do it, or because you’ve heard that it is common to frequently give most or all of your estate to the oldest child. Doing things because you think you need to do them in your estate could prove problematic down the road.

Every family has unique dynamics that should all be considered in the estate planning process. Finding the right lawyer to help you navigate this and to ensure that your plan aligns with what you hope to get out of estate planning is important. If you name your oldest child or even an oldest male child as the agent to oversee your healthcare money if you become incapacitated, or the executor of your will, this could spell disaster.

Think first about selecting these chosen agents based on their abilities and willingness to handle your affairs, not birth order. This may include geographic considerations about who’s located closest to you, which of your intended beneficiaries is most responsible and organized, or someone who’s a good leader and capable of handling conflicts down the road.

Sometimes you may need to split these duties up. For example, one of your children may be better equipped to make important end of life decisions that respect your wishes, whereas another one is very organized and capable of handling executor style roles. No matter what you think is the right course of action for your future planning, a lawyer can help you put those plans into action.

Working with an estate planning attorney to document your decisions is the important way to close the loop on all of these important considerations. Our lawyers can work with you to create a comprehensive estate plan that aligns with your needs and future goals. Contact our Pasadena estate planning law office to set up an initial meeting to discuss your options.

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