Why Is Aging in Place So Important?

Approaching your older years means that you must think carefully about what you hope to accomplish in retirement and beyond. For many people that means staying at home for as long as possible. Very few people want to move into an assisted living or nursing facility unless it is required.

One recent AARP study found that around 90% of American seniors want to stay at home as long as possible. There are many different benefits to staying at home or aging in place. Primarily, seniors who age in place can have a sense of comfort and independence that only their home can provide.

Furthermore, many of them experience more optimal health outcomes on average despite care costs being lower. Maintaining independence, setting familiar routines, remaining in a healthier and safer environment and the cost savings of living at home are just a couple of ways that aging in place benefits seniors. If you are concerned about making the best decision for your loved one, you need to schedule a consultation with an experienced estate planning lawyer.

Aging in place may be possible based on the requirements of your loved one’s health care situation. For more mild medical conditions, aging in place is a solid opportunity. When home care can be provided by friends, family members or even a specific care provider, aging in place can benefit all involved and make your senior more comfortable about staying at home while still giving them the medical support needed.

To figure out how this fits into the bigger perspective of your estate planning and elder law planning strategy, schedule a consultation with an attorney in Pasadena for estate planning help.






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