Why Is Elder Law Planning Distinct from Estate Planning?

When seeking out a professional to help you to create your estate plan, you also likely have questions about areas of the law that fall under the umbrella of elder law. Estate planning and elder law might be practiced by the same attorney or the lawyer you contact might have most of their clients in one of these two practice areas. Elder law planning is primarily concerned with helping seniors live healthy, financially secure and long lives.

This includes thinking about the possibility of future health care needs especially as it relates to long term care. In many cases, this applies to the Medi-Cal planning strategies used by elder lawyers to assist you with understanding how your assets and net worth would be affected by paying for a nursing home. This includes evaluating all possible sources for paying for nursing home care from self-pay to long-term caring insurance to qualifying for Medi-Cal.

Finally, if needed, elder lawyers can also assist with issues related to guardianship and conservatorship. Given the unique aspects of the laws associated with elder law planning, you might wish to meet with an attorney who has a background in this area and who can guide you through the process of creating strategies that help support your estate planning in the short and the long term.

Whether you need help with your California estate plan or your elder law plan, our Pasadena office of estate planning lawyers is here to guide you through the process.

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