Why Would Someone Self-Administer an Estate in California?

If you’re concerned about the cost and the timeframe of probate in California, you’re not alone. Many people who want to make things easier for their loved ones start with the estate planning basics of a will or a trust to cover their main concerns and to make probate more streamlined. If you find yourself in this situation of needing the support of a Pasadena estate planning lawyer, you can make things much easier for your loved ones.

Many estates are more complicated to probate than loved ones expect. This puts them in the difficult situation of trying to sort things out once you have passed away.

Probate costs can vary based on which people are involved. If you choose to self-administer probate in California, you will pay out of pocket costs like court fees until you have been appointed as the administrator. After that time you can pay for expenses from an estate account opened with a bank.

Upon court approval and on the closing of the estate, you’ll be able to reimburse yourself for any and all upfront costs you paid. If you choose self-administered probate, this usually takes 1-2 years to complete and costs $1000 upfront. Many people choose to self-administer estates in California because the value of the estate is under $150,000.

It can also make sense to pursue this route when the estate administration is very simple because there are few assets, no complicated assets, no tax concerns, and no anticipated disputes. This is often selected when the heir appointed in the role of administrator does not want to pay a probate lawyer. However, there are many different reasons why someone may choose to hire an experienced probate lawyer to guide them through this process. To discuss your own estate planning strategies, schedule a consultation with a Pasadena estate planning lawyer.    


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