You Have Planned for Your Physical Property, But Have You Planned for Your Digital?

Many people spend hours agonizing over just how they would pass along their physical property to another person. This can be done directly in your will or through more advanced planning tools such as a trust. In either case, meeting with a California estate planning attorney is strongly recommended in order to accomplish these goals. Unfortunately, many people often overlook the digital aspect of their estate planning.

You might not even have monetary value attached directly to your digital estate planning assets, however, they do certainly have sentimental or personal value. You might even have personalized wishes about what you want to happen to these materials after you pass away. Online accounts including your social media accounts need to have clear plans about who will take over, should you pass away.

Furthermore, online accounts that have passwords or materials stored such as pictures and videos could be problematic if you have not outlined them directly. Bearing in mind that Facebook alone has nearly 2 billion users as of last spring, it’s important to think carefully about your digital presence.

Thankfully, this can be easily accomplished with the help of a Pasadena estate planning attorney. Setting up a meeting with an attorney gives you the opportunity to share your individual concerns with another person and discuss your best next steps.

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