Young People Need Estate Planning Too

Estate planning is not just for old people. Young people often need estate planning too.

Just think about the recent, highly publicized deaths of young people like Bobbi Kristina Brown or the various young people gunned down in movie theaters by madmen or terrorists.

These confirm the need for estate planning for young people, says a story in Forbes.

Not only does an estate plan make up a key part of your financial planning, but it gives you a voice as to what you want done in the event you are not around to or able to speak. It gives direction to those who are left behind on how you want things handled.

These can include how you are medically treated if you are unable to make a decision.

It also includes who handles your social media accounts if you are unable to or can’t.

And it can take care of your burial expenses, among other things.

So there are good reasons for younger folks to have estate plans.

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