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Chances are your retirement accounts represent a significant portion of your overall wealth. You worked hard to earn that money and probably devoted a considerable amount of time to your investment strategy. Unfortunately, poor distribution planning can significantly lower how much you, and your heirs, ultimately receive from your IRA and other retirement accounts.

At the Pasadena Law Group, we help our clients get the most from their hard-earned retirement accounts for their loved ones. We’ll work with you to determine whether the following strategies are right for you:

• Using life insurance to protect your IRA
• Creating trusts as a qualified designated beneficiary
• The use of spousal rollovers to maximize stretch-out of your retirement benefits and to minimize taxes

In addition, we can ensure your children receive the benefits of tax-deferred growth, as well as protect retirement accounts left to them against threats such as divorce, remarriage, lawsuits, creditors and predators.

It’s important to note that the laws governing retirement distributions, particularly those pertaining to retirement accounts left to heirs, are extraordinarily complex and ever changing. At the Pasadena Law Group, we understand these laws and have extensive experience using the sophisticated tools and strategies necessary to maximize the return on your retirement accounts for your heirs and beneficiaries.

You can learn more about retirement distribution planning and asset protection by clicking the Audio/Video Presentations button on our home page. Better yet, why not contact us for a consultation to discuss your particular needs and goals? We welcome the opportunity to meet with you in person.


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